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The process

Hire a General Contractor


Unless you are extremely experienced in construction, you will want to hire a reputable general contractor. New Image Construction  has been building room additions for over 20 years in the Orange County area.) You’ll want to solicit a couple of estimates from a couple of contractors. The general rule of thumb is to get 3 estimates per job. For larger jobs, like adding a second story onto a house, you may want to solicit up to 5 or more estimates. Once you’ve selected a contractor  you move onto the next step…

Planning, Blueprints, and Permits


A room addition isn’t like laying down new tile or changing out a kitchen sink. A room addition is major construction. And major construction takes time, planning, and forethought. Luckily, a good contractor will hold your hand through that process. You can plan on several meetings with your contractor and an architect to finalize the plans for your room addition. Your general contractor will handle pulling of permits from the proper authorities to ensure that your room addition is done to code and legally.

During the planning stage you may want to do some personal planning yourself. Construction can be disruptive to your day to day life. You may want to make arrangements for your kids and pets.



And then we get to part of the program that you’ve all been waiting for: Construction! Adding a room takes time. Construction can last up to month or more depending on how extensive a room addition you have planned. Once construction your room addition will also be inspected multiple times by the proper authorities to ensure everything is up to code.